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The third "Moving GSI" Excellent Team Award Ceremony was grandly held


On November 16, the third "Moving GSI" Excellent Team Award Ceremony of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd.(GSI), the subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation(CSSC), was grandly held. Chen Zhongqian, Party Secretary and Chairman of GSI, and Chen Ji, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of Party Committee, attended the award ceremony.
Chen Zhongqian addressed the award ceremony. He pointed out that in recent years, all cadres and employees of the company have been guided by the values of "integrity-based, innovation-led, forging ahead in the same boat, and sharing the future." And all cadres would never forget their original aspirations, keeping their mission in mind, and fully carrying forward the spirit of being the first and pursuing excellence and seeking the truth. The pragmatic and enterprising style has overcome one after another tough challenge, completed one goal task after another, and has emerged one after another outstanding team. Among them, there are management staffs who are inward and self-revolutionary. And there are technical backbones who dare to be the first and pursue excellence. Meanwhile, there are business elites who are truth-seeking, pragmatic, and enterprising. Some cooperative partners are honest and contractual and win-win cooperation; Skilled masters with ingenuity and excellence and front-line employees who are conscientious and hard-working. They illuminate the golden sign of "GSI" with refined products, open up new development areas with perseverance, and water the flower of dreams with sweat. Some are not afraid of the epidemic and take the lead in charging; some are selfless and dedicated and work selflessly; some are fearless of cold and heat, fighting day and night. They are the vanguard to promote the company's high-quality development, and they are the vanguard of practicing the spirit of GSI. Their achievements are inspiring, and their deeds are touching. He said that this award ceremony recognizes the outstanding team performance spirit and a call for most cadres and employees to learn from the advanced. It also urges people to understand the essence of the military industry serving the country, persistence, daring to be the first. It educates people to be innovative and being responsible. People of GSI should be passionate about their jobs and strive for perfection. Because of them, GSI's spirits could be continuously enriched, inherited, and carried forward so that the "Guangzhou Shipyard International" giant ship can be stable and long-term.
He emphasized that at present, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. CSSC has issued a high-quality development strategy outline, which clarified the corporate mission of "leading the industry's development, supporting the construction of the national defense, and serving the national strategy" and "building a reasonable industrial structure and quality. It also included the strategic goal of a world-class shipbuilding group with leading efficiency, outstanding military core, and strong international competitiveness. Simultaneously, GSI's high-quality development strategy outline also clarifies its vision and mission. The concept is to become a world-class marine equipment and technology application industry-leading service-excellent first-class enterprise. And its mission is to cast the dream deep blue, defending the army and manufacturing model.
The new era requires new responsibilities, and new missions call for new deeds. Chen Zhongqian called on cadres and employees at all levels of GSI to follow the necessary instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping as the guide and continue to work in an unstoppable attitude and an unimpeded mental state to achieve the "Two Centenary" goals and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. The Chinese Dream makes new and more remarkable contributions to GSI.

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