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32 years later, GSI and IMC cooperated again


On August 21st, Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI) affiliated with China State Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd (CSSC) has delivered the first of eight MR-type chemical/ product oil tankers, which is constructed for IMC Group and CSSC Leasing. The ship was named as “MARITIME COMITY” by Zhang Xiaqian. Ms Zhang cut the ribbon for it and chairman of CSSC Leasing Zhong Jian and chairman of GSI Chen Zhongqian have witnessed the exciting moment. The shipping documents were signed by IMC Group, CSSC Leasing, CSTC and GSI four sides.
After completion of the tanker, it will serve those countries along the “Silk Road”. IMC Group, our shipowner, was established in 1966 with its headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore. It’s one of the largest shipping management companies in Asia. It’s regarded as an international diversified industrial group involving shipping, logistics, supply chain, real estate, industrial investment and other industries.
The ship is designed to have a total length of 183 meters, a molded width of 35 meters, a molded depth of 18.5 meters, and a design draft of 10.5 meters. It meets the MARPOL Tier 3 emission standard, and meets the emission requirements of the nitric oxide emission control area. It is a modern second-class chemical tanker integrating energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. It’s a modern Type 2 chemical tanker with energy conservation, environmental protection, and high efficiency. The main engine and generator are equipped with an open desulfurization system, which can control pollution at the source of exhaust gas and realize simple and efficient desulfurization. This type of tanker can load twenty-two chemical liquid cargoes at the same time without mutual contamination, which can satisfy with customized loading and uploading needs of shipowners, greatly increase the flexibility and provide more choices for shipowners.
This is not the first cooperation between GSI and IMC Group. As early as the beginning of reform and opening up 32 years ago, the two sides had already cooperated.
On May 15, 1988, Guangzhou Shipyard, the predecessor of GSI, signed an order for two 25,500 DWT product tankers with IMC Group. That signing ceremony also attracted attentions from all walks of life, and vice governor of Guangdong province Liu Weiming was invited to attend the ceremony.
Through the construction of the two tankers, GSI has gradually established a set of mature safety regulations, trained a team of talented constructors for designing liquid cargoes. GSI has also equipped equipments for installing liquid cargoes and established thorough machanism. For the first time, GSI applied rare special coating technology of that time.
To some extent, those two tankers had promoted the internationalization and standardization of GSI’s liquid cargoes’ quality. It also brought up brilliant achievement of “To learn advanced technology from Japan and Korea outside, and to keep up with GSI’s standard inside.” The construction had won the crown of special coating technics in product oil and chemical tankers field. It laid the foundation for GSI to gain the global leadership in handysize tankers market. Together they pioneered the history of building tankers by shipbuilding companies in southern part of China.
After the construction and delivery of the two 25,500 DWT product oil tankers to IMC Group, GSI has since deepened the development and manufacturing of handysize tankers. At present, GSI has owned a product lineage of tankers with the most ship types, the most complete series, and the first-class cost performance. Hundreds of handysize tankers have been built for various well-known shipping companies around the world, and it has become a world-renowned leader in the tanker market.
In July 2017, GSI signed a contract with IMC Group for the construction of “4+4” MR product/ crude oil tankers. This batch of orders has played a positive role in advancing and demonstrating subsequent orders for GSI. It also has positive significance for further consolidating and expanding the MR-tanker customer base and maintaining the MR tanker market share.

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