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HAFNIA SHENZHEN was delivered 17 days in advance


On August, 14th, 75,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil tanker No. 5 “HAFNIA SHENZHEN” built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI) affiliated with China State Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd (CSSC) for VISTA was delivered 17 days ahead of the contract.
Huang Kai, deputy general manager of the European Department of CSSC, Michael Kristensen, leader of manufacturing supervision group, and Zhou Xuhui, deputy general manager of GSI, have signed the delivery documents. Chairman of CSSC Zhong Jian, resident manager of DNVGL Lu Yuntao, secretary of Party Committee Chen Zhongqian, the secretary of Pary Committee and chief accountant of GSI Liu Hui witnessed signing ceremony with other guests.
It is 228.4 meters long, 38 meters wide, 18.3 meters deep, and has a design draft of 11 meters. It is a new type of shallow draft LRI oil tanker independently developed by GSI. With the same depth, draft, and fuel consumption, it can achieve 1.6 times increase in deadweight and warehouse capacity, which can bring higher economic benefits to shipowners. It is a new type of ship developed and designed by GSI in accordance with shipowners needs, routes and market needs. It is the crystallization of the oil tanker design and construction experience accumulated by GSI for many years as well as its keen market insight.
It’s known that four serial ships have been delivered. Judging from the current feedback from the shipowner, not only the speed is better than the design indicators, but the fuel consumption and vibration indicators are also better than expected. Meanwhile, the construction quality can also stand the test of time.
Among them, the “HAFNIA HONGKONG” and the “” HAFNIA SHANGHAI” chemical/ product oil tankers delievered to VISTA company in early January 2019 have been in operation for more than a year. The coating quality has been authorized by professional inspection agencies and has almost gained all “GOOD” excellent results. The No. 5 ship delivered this time was praised by the shipowner for its excellent quality control during the block construction process.

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