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The launching of “VISBORG”


              Corporation reengineering luxury ro-ro passenger ship in thirteen years’ encouraging and enterprising

On November 18th, at 2:00am, company built a luxury ro-ro passenger ship named “VISBORG” which adopted dual fuel engine system for the world famous ro-ro passenger ship operating companySweden Gotland Shipping Company has been launched. The ship’s passenger carrying capacity is 1600 people, the length of lane is 2300m.The ship was the second one that our company cooperated with Gotland, and it has optimized and upgraded than the first one.

It is understood that the length of the ship is 199. 99m, the width is 25.2m, the service velocity of ship is 28.5 knots, and the passenger carrying capacity is 1600 people. The ship has double wagon deck and 2300m long lane. It used “gas/fuel” dual fuel engine equipped with controllable-pitch propeller. It has the fastest speed in the world today, the optimal performance and energy conservation and environmental protection. The construction of the ship means a lot to our country for it has accumulated experience about the built of luxury cruise.

The hull form of this ship is the super upgrade of original ship which was the first in Asia. Compared with the original one, the length has increased 2.5m, and the width has increased 0.2m. It also have added accommodation quarters and simplified cargo hold ventilation system, meanwhile, its 4 main marine diesel engines and 4 marine auxiliary machineries both adopted dual fuel system. What’s more, in the design process of the ship, our company has overcome a series of technological difficult problems, such as the safety return to port, the ship’s vibration, the design of LNG system and the control of ship’s weight and center of gravity.

It is reported that this ship will be able to compare with super cruise. The ship is equipped with a cinema, supermarkets, bars and other kind of recreational facilities that can satisfy more than 1600 people living and entertaining on board.

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