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The Two 49,700 DWT Product Oil Tankers Built For NJTC Started to Build


On August 23rd, No. 1 and No. 2, the two 49,700 DWT Product Oil Tankers built for Nanjing Tanker Corporation by the Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd (GSI) of China State Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (CSSC) started to build. The two tankers are two of those six 50,000 DWT product oil tankers signed contract with GSI and NJTC on Dec. 13rd, 2018. And these two tankers were both designed and independently researched by GSI itself.
The whole length of this tanker is 183 meters and the width is 32 meters. The model is 18.3 meters deep, with a design draft of 11 meters and a structural draught of 13.3 meters. It meets the requirements of HCSR and TIER III. The classification of this tanker reached LR class with the flag of Hong Kong, China.
NJTC signed four MR-construction contracts with GSI in 2015. By June 4th, 2018, all of four tankers had been successfully delivered. The four tankers are currently operating well. NJTC selected GSI as a partner again based on the recognition of the quality and performance of GSI.
Nanjing Tanker Corporation, subsidiary of China Merchants Group, is a shipping company specializing in MR operation business. It focuses on international oil products, domestic and foreign crude oil, chemicals, gas transportation and other market areas. Meanwhile, it also actively expands ship management and related diversification businesses such as labor and oil products trading.
By the end of 2018, NJTC owns 59 various transportation vessels, mainly based on MR series, with the total dead-weight of 2.24 million DWT. It mainly engaged in the transportation of offshore refined oil, crude oil, chemicals and liquefied gas. The MR product oil tanker fleet was ranked 4th in the world.

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