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Consolidate the Implementation of "Cost Engineering", Lei Fanpei, Yang Jincheng and Qian Jianping Vi


On June 3rd, Lei Fanpei, party secretary and chairman of CSSC, Yang Jincheng, general manager and deputy secretary of the party group, and Qian Jianping, member of the party group and deputy general manager, went to the research and guidance work of GSI. Lei Fanpei stressed that GSI must conscientiously implement the requirements of CSSC 2019 Annual Work Meeting and "Cost Engineering" Promotion Meeting. Taking "Cost Engineering" as the starting point, we will systematically and continuously promote the "Cost Engineering", fully realize management improvement, and make greater contributions to the realization of the high-quality development of CSSC.
During the investigation, Lei Fanpei and other leaders went to the production area and boarded the ship under construction, focusing on the No. 2 Gotland luxury Ro-ro passenger ship, No. 2 TORM 50,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker, and the Shenzhen-zhongshan immersed tube tunnel steel shell project. He listened to the report about the reform and development work of GSI, the further work plan and the deepening of the “Cost Engineering” of GSI since the beginning of this year, and put forward specific requirements for the next step.
During the investigation of the TORM 50,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker No. 2, Lei Fanpei and his party inspected the desulfurization tower installed in the ship in detail, and highly praised GSI for its active innovation in the construction of green and environmentally friendly ships. In the ship's cab, the shipbuilding production in the GSI plant area is booming. Many ships was being constructed in the dock. Lei Fanpei was very happy. He said: "GSI has so many ships in constructing, and the tankers are built in batches. There is hope for future development!"
After listening in detail to the production and operation of GSI from January to May and the implementation of the "Cost Engineering" work, Lei Fanpei requested that the GSI’s leadership team should focus on improving the ability to start a business, strengthen the incentive mechanism, and be good at drawing on external forces. It is serious to look for management shortcomings and problems, implement rectification measures, and use "Cost Engineering" as a catcher to win over. It is necessary to combine the actual situation and vigorously plan to promote the mass production of the main ship type; it is necessary to increase the intensity of integration with Guangzhou Wenchong Dockyard Co., Ltd. and achieve the results of one plus one is more than two by taking measures such as resource sharing and reasonable personnel placement and effect; we must further clarify the ideas, find the right position, clarify the direction, and carefully plan the long-term development of different regions and industries. It is necessary to have a sufficient market competitiveness and a good return on investment to actively promote the reform of mixed ownership and employee stock ownership, and intensify the development of the applied industry; we must dare to fight, dare to show the outstanding results, and continuously strengthen the party's work style and clean government; We must conscientiously carry out the theme education of "Stay true to the mission and keeping in mind the mission" and further promoting the integration of party building and central work.
Yang Jincheng demanded that GSI should focus on “Cost Engineering” project and comprehensively promote management improvement. We should also focus on mode and mechanism innovation, and promote efficiency and efficiency improvement. It is crucial to use marketing as a starting point to promote annual mission objectives. We should accelerate the cultivation of growth points in the application industry on the premise of product efficiency and return on investment. It is important to strengthen the awareness of duty and implement various rules and regulations. And it is earnest to guarantee the work can be conducted with high quality, safety and environmental protection.
Qian Jianping asked GSI to increase the development of application industry, continuously optimize and adjust the industrial structure, and make greater contributions to the Group's high-quality development. The relevant departments of CSSC Headquarters and the head of Guangzhou Shipbuilding Industrial Co., Ltd participated in the survey. Chen Zhongqian, Secretary of the party committee and Chairman of GSI, and Chen Ji, deputy secretary of the party committee, general manager and other leading members participated in the survey and reported their work. 

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