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Naming, Delivery and Cooperation with TORM


On May 31st, GSI named the 50,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker No. 2 vessel built for Danish TORM Shipping Company. On the same day, the No. 1 tanker has been delivered, which was delivered 76 days in advance.
At the naming ceremony of No. 2 tanker, the godmother Selina Therese Helenius named the tanker as “TORM SUCCESS”. Lars Christensen, Senior Vice President of TORM, Christopher Rasmussen, Shipping Broker of BRS Shipping, Chi Shaoguang, Manager of Guangzhou, DNV-GL, and Huang Kai, Deputy General Manager of CSTC, Europe Department, were invited to attend the ceremony.
Ou Chuanjie, deputy general manager of the company, said that GSI has maintained long-term close cooperation with TORM. Since 2005, GSI has built and delivered 21 oil tankers for TORM. The ship named today is the second one of the advanced and high-quality MR series built by GSI. It is another boutique ship built by both sides with trust and hard work.
Lars Christensen, senior vice president of TORM, said in his speech, this tanker is the second one of those seven series ships signed by GSI and TORM. The series of MR ships will all be equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems, i.e. desulfurization devices, which will enable TORM meets IMO 2020 specifications while reducing operational costs.
It has a total length of 183 meters, a width of 32 meters, a depth of 18.3 meters, a design draught of 11 meters, and a service speed of 14.5 knots.
The second ship of seven 50,000 DWT chemical/product oil tankers signed by GSI and TORM on July 24, 2017, was independently designed by GSI on the basis of MR-type tankers. The new MR tanker is equipped with an MEP open desulfurization system to meet the latest regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 Sulfur Limit Order, which is characterized by green, environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency.

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