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Nan Daqing, the Member of the CSSC’s Party Group, Investigated GSI


On May 20th, Nan Daqing, the member of the party group and deputy general manager of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Co., Ltd. (CSSC), companied with Li Chaokun, director of CSSC finance department, Ji Jun, director of CSSC quality and safety department as well as other colleagues investigated how the process of pollution prevention will implement and control in 2019-2020.
After listening to the detailed report about cost regulation proposed by GSI’s leadership team, Mr. Nan Daqing put forward his opinions and suggestions on several industrial problems faced by GSI and gave five specific requirements for GSI’s cost engineering. Here are the requirements as follow: First, we need to fully unite the leadership team and middle-level carders and workers under the leadership of the party group. And we should give full play to the execution of the middle-lever carders. Second, we need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of current status of GSI. We should also decompose the cost problems into specific issues and make specific targets and plans for implementing. Third, the production should be projected strictly by the contract period. Meanwhile, it’s crucial to eliminate the delay of fines and promote the improvement of management as well as other aspects. Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen cultural construction and public education. Fifth, it should attract importance of the institutional system construction and improve the ability of implementing and executing in the system. And all the implementations should be operated practically, and achieve results.
After listening to the report of GSI on the development of environmental protection work, Mr. Nan Daqing put forward five specific requirements for environmental protection work. For the first thing is that we must attract great importance to environmental protection work, and put an end to the luck of environmental management and pollution prevention. And we should also constantly improve the environmental awareness of employees. Second, we must firmly grasp the goal of the Group’s 2019-2020 pollution prevention and action plans, and we should also strengthen the implementation of leadership and assessment, which ensures the target would be achieved. Third thing is that we should strengthen the coordination between enterprise and our government with the assistance of regional companies, and we would clarify the local polices on different requirements and standards. Fourth, corresponding the call of our country, environmental protection and safety would be included into the high-quality development strategies. And we should work in a planned and targeted manner. Fifth, we should listen carefully to the feedback from the inspection team, and we will correct mistakes if we have made any and guard against them if we have not. It is ensured that the battle over pollution prevention and control will be successfully won eventually.

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