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Jia Haiying Investigated GSI


On March 1st, Jia Haiying, chief accountant of CSSC , visited GSI and guided the work. She also listened to the report of current production and operation in GSI and put forward specific requirements for the next step.
After listening to the report, Ms. Jia gave high affirmation to all efforts made by staff from GSI to cooperate with the group company completing a series of capital operations and realizing its own capacity transfer and relocation in recent years. She also thought highly of GSI’s in-depth study and implementation of CSSC Group spirits as well as solidly promoting the high-quality development plan of GSI.
In the investigation, Ms. Jia emphasized that GSI should strengthen cost control. In this year, GSI has a clear goal of cost control, and specific measurements. It has truly met the requirements of “having goals everywhere and everyone has indicators”. It is hoped that the cost control capabilities will be further improved, and cost control measures will be strengthened to ensure that the annual loss reduction target can be achieved. Second, it is important to revitalize resources and improve resource utilization. It is necessary to strengthen understanding and unite as one. And it aims to ensure that products under construction are delivered on schedule and reduce fines. To strengthen management and coordination are vital measurements as well as improving the utilization of resources at hand. Third, it is critical to strengthen communication with various local government departments, and actively participate in the economic construction of the “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao” Bay District and the implementation of the “Green Pearl River” development plan. Fourth, it is necessary to build an incentive mechanism to promote the common development of the cadres and employees. It is inevitable to actively explore the employee stock ownership plan, and establish flexible incentive mechanisms in the areas of cost reduction and it also need to fully stimulate the vitality of the staff. Fifth, it is essential to strengthen foreign exchange management and reduce exchange rate losses and risks.
Jia also strengthened that the production goal of GSI in this year is very arduous, but as long as the cadres at all levels are determined to win the conviction. They should give full play to the role of the fighting bastion of the grassroots party branches and the vanguard as well as the exemplary role of party members, and take the lead in implementing the cost reduction and efficiency gains. All work will be able to successfully complete the production and the operation tasks of 2019 will be in accordance with the deployment of the group company work meeting.
Chen Zhongqian, the chairman of the company, Chen Ji, the general manager and members of the leadership team as well as the responsible persons of relevant departments participated in the survey. The responsible person of the relevant department of CSSC Headquarters accompanied the investigation.

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