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Company cooperated with 708 institute


                                           Making “Super Brain” of main building hull form

On November 1st, company secretary of Party Han Guangde, vice-general manager Huang Qian, Zhou Xuhui led company researchers to collaborate with 708 institute(MARIC) to discuss the competition system contains hull form marketing, research, and build. Aiming at win-win cooperation, we strived to build a series of internationally recognized guilty ship type so that to improve the company core competence and market occupancy.

This cooperation is for taking the advantages of 708 institute(MARIC) and focusing on the backbone of researchers to improve the capacity of research and innovation. This cooperation founded a research group and set up a design team about the main build ship type. It has cleared that the responsibilities of each person in charge, and formulated relevant working plan.

It is reported, in mid-October, CHINA ATATE SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION has put forward that each shipyard should build a working mechanism of “trinity”. Our company responded to the call actively, and set up a marketing and developing team with China Shipbuilding Trading Company Limited, which made our company became the first shipyard that locked the trading company among all of other shipyards in China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

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