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The Naming Ceremony of Gotland Luxury Ro-Ro Passenger Vessel


On December 8, the world's first "natural gas / fuel" dual-fuel high-speed luxury Ro-Ro Passenger vessel No. 1 built for Gotland Shipping Company in Sweden was named in Nansha, Guangzhou, China.
The Chairman of CSSC, Mr. Lei Fanpei, Deputy General Manager of CSSC, Mr. Nan Daqing and other leaders attended the naming ceremony. Mr. Eric D. Nilsson, the 92-year-old Honorary Chairman of Gotland Shipping Company, was also invited to attend the naming ceremony.
Gotland Shipping Company is one of the oldest shipping companies in the European shipping industry, focusing on the transportation of luxury ferries, Ro-Ro passenger vessel, Ro-Ro ships and oil tankers. Since 1999, Gotland Shipping Company has been maintaining friendly cooperation with GSI. In addition to two luxury Ro-Ro passenger vessels, it has also built a number of product oil tankers at GSI. Even during the global financial crisis in 2008, Gotland Shipping Company has been placing orders at GSI as one of GSI's most loyal and reliable customers.
At the naming ceremony, the godmother invited by the shipowner named the ship "VISBORG" and wished her a smooth sailing in the future.
It is understood that the length of VISBORG is 200 meters and the width is 25.2 meters. The design draft is 6.4 meters, and the service speed exceeds 28.5 knots with 1,730-passengers capacity. It also has two vehicle decks with a lane length of 2,310 meters and an endurance of 6,500 nautical miles. The holding capacity is 24 hours. VISBORG adoptes the most advanced “natural gas/fuel” dual-fuel main engine drive, which is the fastest luxury Ro-Ro passenger ship with the best energy-saving performance and environment-friendly effect in the world. The design and research team also focused on solving the most advanced technical problems in the shipbuilding field, such as safe return to port, full ship vibration, LNG system design, and ship weight center of gravity control.

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