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The First Arctic Condensate Oil Tanker Constructed by GSI Named


On December 4, the world’s first Arctic Condensate Oil Tanker constructed by GSI for Dynacom Company (Greece) was named by Ms. Zobova Yulia, as “BORIS SOKOLOV”. The naming ceremony was hosted by Zhou Xuhui, deputy general manager of GSI. The chairman Chen Zhongqian, general manager Chen Ji and other leaders and guests attended the naming ceremony.
Mr. Georgios Prokopiou, founder of Dynacom, said in his speech that the successful naming of “Boris Sokolov” is the result of a multi-party team working together in an innovative way. This project may also bring usable and clean energy around the world by innovative ways.
This tanker is capable of withstanding extreme cold temperature of minus 50℃. It is equipped with the world's largest pod propulsion system that can rotate 360° horizontally. It can achieve two-way icebreaking, in which the stem can break the ice layer of 1.8 meters. The stern can break the ice layer of 1.5 meters and maintain the speed of more than 2 knots, which is unique among the ice-class ships currently operating in the world.
After the ship is delivered, it will be applied to the largest LNG project Yamal LNG, which is the most important liquefied natural gas project in the Arctic region. As an important fulcrum of the “Ice Silk Road”, this will not only drive the development of the Russian energy industry and border areas. It can also enrich China's clean energy supply and accelerate the optimization of China's energy structure. This is of great significance to China's overseas energy cooperation and enhancing China's voice in the world's energy market.
GSI has extensive experience in the construction of tankers in the polar and ice regions. As early as 2008, GSI has successfully built the first 518,000 DWT of 1A ice zone enhanced chemicals/product tankers. In 2016, two Arc7 polar heavy-duty deck carriers built by GSI, the “Audax” and the “Pugnax”, were delivered for the Yamal project. These two tankers are currently in good condition.
At the same time, GSI has been a global leader in the market segment of the product oil/chemical tanker. The Arctic condensate oil tank built this time has the dual characteristics of “breaking ice” and “product tanker”, and it perfectly combines the technical advantages of “breaking ice” and “oil tanker construction”.

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