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Qian Jianping, The Deputy General Manager of CSSC Visited GSI


On November 30, Qian Jianping, the Deputy General Manager of CSSC, accompanied by Zhou Zhong, Deputy Director of the emerging industry department of the group, Gui Shihong, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Military Industry, and Li Jingyun, Special Services of the development planning department, visited our company for investigation. Chen Ji, General Manager of GSI, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Mai Rongzhi, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Rao Fuquan, Deputy General Manager Jin Lichao, Ou Chuanjie and relevant department leaders participated in the investigation. Chen Ji reported to Qian Jianping and his party about the company’s annual work as well as the development and planning of the non-ship application industry.
Deputy General Manager Mr. Qian Jianping affirmed the contribution made by GSI in the development of the group company after the report, and expressed his appreciation for the development of the non-ship application industry. He pointed out that it is necessary to carefully formulate its own plan for high-quality development according to the high-quality development plan of the group company, and fulfill the task of protecting our military firstly, and GSI should finish the task on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. At the same time, GSI needs to strengthen enterprise management, promote management model reform, further reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and do a good job in expanding the application industry, adjusting targets, strengthening scientific planning, and making efforts to develop promising emerging industries.
Mr. Qian and other leaders boarded the world’s first dual-fuel high-speed luxury Ro-Ro passenger ship Gotland No.1 and conducted the investigation. He said, “Whether its interior design or construction quality, this is the best Ro-Ro passenger ship that I’ve ever seen.”

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