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The First Delivery of Oil Tanker with Scrubber


The No.4 of 114,000 DWT LR II Product/Crude Oil Tanker built for TORM A/S Company has been delivered on Oct. 15th. This tanker has a total length of 250 meters, a width of 44 meters and a depth of 21.5 meters. It meets the latest requirement of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 Sulfur Limits. It was built as the first Environmentally-friendly tanker equipped with a current-limiting scrubber unit, and is also the first tanker with exhaust gas clean system (EGSC) in the operation team of TORM company.
It is understood that the global demand for sulfur emissions has been reduced from 4.5% to 3.5% since 2012, and it should be reduced to 0.5% till 2020. Since Jan. 1st of 2015, it has implemented to limit sulfur emissions to 0.1% within the four emission control zones delineated by IMO, including ECA regions in the North Sea, Baltic, North America and the Caribbean.
Although low sulfur diesel (MGO oil) can be used to meet sulfur emission limits, the cost of MGO oil is 50% to 60% higher than heavy oil cost. However, flue-gas scrubbed desulfurization has been utilized with 90% removal rate. Since it can effectively reduce the emissions, the flue-gas scrubbed desulfurization would be the preferred product.
With the approval of sulfur limit, it is a chance and challenge for shipbuilding enterprises. It’s bound to win the top in the market competition who should master the technic of desulfurization and strengthen and debug technology.
Having been popular with shipowners to provide personalized service, GSI docked with the owner immediately after knowing that TORM company planned to build a 11,4000 DWT LR II Product/Crude Oil Tanker with scrubber. And GSI made a decision to install an extra EGCS.
The employees who participated in this program overcame a series of difficulties such as insufficient space on the ship, long procurement period of materials, and difficulty in construction work. They successfully crossed the high roads in front of everyone.

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