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Mr. Nan Daqing Conducted Research in GSI


Deputy manager of CSSC, Nan Daqing, and other leaders visited GSI on Oct. 11th. The chairman of GSI, Chen Zhongqian, general manager, Chen Ji and other main team members reported to the Nan Daqing and his party the completion of the company's production and operation in the third quarter, as well as the fourth quarter production and operation work plan and the working ideas of production in 2019.
Nan Daqing listened carefully to the report and focused on the production of high-tech products such as under constructions of the Gotland passenger ship No. 1 and the polar condensate tanker, and coordinated the key and difficult problems. After listening to the report, Nan Daqing pointed out that since the first three quarters of this year, the company's leadership team has led the staff to take the initiative and take the courage to overcome the impact of "employee on the island adaptation period, production recovery transition period, quality improvement and efficiency period, and the key period of transformation and upgrading. GSI would focus on the “Five Major Advantages Reshaping” and Ecological Reconstruction, we will promote GSI to achieve high-quality development. All production and management work has achieved good results, and successfully completed the delivery and first FMG 261,000 DWT VLOC (very large Ore Carrier). The first ship was built with a capacity of 114,000 DWT and desulfurization systems that meet the requirements of the latest regulations. The production of high-tech products such as polar condensate oil tankers and luxury Ro-Ro passenger vessel has been steadily advanced, and the operation orders have achieved good results. The production and operation work in the fourth quarter and 2019 laid a certain foundation for GSI.
Nan Daqing stressed that GSI should conscientiously study and implement the essentials of "High-quality Development Outline of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (2018-2015)" and the spirts given by the chairman of the group company Lei Fanpei at the first strategic work meeting of the group company Important speech. Focusing on the development strategy of the four main businesses of the defense industry, ship and sea industry, application industry and ship services, we firmly grasp the mission objectives determined at the beginning of the year. Quickly set off the fourth-quarter production climax, and make every effort to ensure the completion of the ship-sealing task and the delivery task. With special emphasis on taking more effective measures to ensure the delivery of key product ships such as the Gotland No. 1 luxury Ro-Ro passenger vessel , GSI would work hard to fully accomplish the annual mission objectives.
At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, we should study and publicize and implement the Group's high-quality development strategy outline, and promote strategic implementation and implementation of measures through detailed work such as target traction, product industry structure combination, resource matching analysis, and problem-solving.
Xu Xing, Director of the Ship and Offshore Department of the Group Company, Xu Sha, Director of the Planning Coordination Division, and Chen Qingqiao, Director of the Ship Division, participated in the above research activities.

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