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Nan Daqing Did Special Research in Ro-Ro Passenger Ship Production


On August 6th, Nan Daqing, the deputy general manager of the group company, went to the company to carry out special research on Ro-Ro passenger ships, companied with the company’s chairman Han Guangde, general manager Chen Ji and other members of the leadership team accompanied the investigation.
Chen Ji reported to Nan Daqing about the production of two Gotland passenger ships under construction and the design and production planning of the three-type passenger rolling ships. Accompanied by Chen Ji and Gotland's Project Manager Li Huilun, Nan Daqing and his entourage went into the Gotland passenger ship No. 1 to learn more about the current construction situation. Nan Daqing fully affirmed the production of the Gotland passenger ship No. 1 under construction and the quality of the decoration of the built-up area,and required the project team to organize the participating departments to work continuously at the last spurt. Nan Daqing highly praised the company's production of the passenger rolling ships production line and the establishment of the Ro-Ro passenger ships production committee, and made every effort to push forward the company's work to achieve high-quality development. He emphasized that GSI should conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech, which was given by the group company chairman Lei Fanpei in the analysis of the economic operation of the group in the first half of 2018. The spirt shows that our company would well coordinate the critical innovation project work of GSI high-quality development and give play to the overall advantages of systemic technology and talents. We need to rationalize the progress of management, design and procedure, which is order to avoid the general market risk and make great efforts to build the company into a global high-end passenger rolling ships manufacturer.

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