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The First Commendation Convention for Distributors


On May 25th, our company was firstly held 2017 materials purchasing distributors commendation convention of “sunshine purchase and win-win cooperation”. During the convention, the leader concluded the work of materials purchasing and distributors management. And a batch of distributors has been rewarded as friendly distributors and others were rewarded as excellent distributors. The convention was held by the general Party branch secretary of material department, Chen Guoguang. Meanwhile, there were over 130 distributors who has been invented to attend this commendation convention. The other leaders and principles of different departments attended the convention, including vice-general manager, Zhou Xuhui, chef account, Liu Hui, and other managers from relative departments.
On the convention, Liu Hui presented prizes to the top 10 excellent distributors from device class in 2017. He also prized those top 10 excellency cooperative companies of materials class. The minister of material department, Zhang Jianwen presented letters of thanks to VIKING, NOVENCO,G&O,LR DM Marine , DESMI and other friendly partner distributors.
Zhou Xuhui addressed a summary speech on the convention. He introduced the current development situation of high-valued ship and special ship transformation. This paper expounds the determination and confidence of GSI in order to promote the development of high quality and a renew brilliant future. He emphasized that GSI would make great efforts to promote a sunshine purchase model with fairness, justice and publicity. He also hoped that all distributors abide by the business philosophy of interity, and honest. And distributors would construct an clean and earnest environment to win the market with high-quality and the first-rate service.


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