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The Completion of the Largest Pod Propulsion System


On Jun. 5th, our company has been completed the installation of Pod propulsion system for the first global Polar condensate tanker for Dynacom shipping from Greek, and this system is one of the largest pod propulsion in China.
The all-up weight of this is 275 tons, but it is so fragile that it can’t be knocked against other materials. It is not easy to install the system without mistakes, because it is out of the shape. Production support department class creatively use the joint construction methods of segmented platform car to produce a set of transport equipment, through the irregular pod propulsion system firmly stuck in the transport equipment, which can realize the up and down or so the dimensions of a slight adjustment, laid the foundation for the pod propulsion system installation smoothly.
The docking of propulsion module and steering module looks like connecting with two large flange bolts, which not only need to ensure the bolt hole on the steering module aligned on the propulsion module, also need to maintain parallel interface, and the whole docking must fit, and the error would be less than 1mm.
Before lifting, the project team use the manual measurement combined with total station measurement by the advance planning. To accurately measure the size, this method has been used to guarantee the propulsion module with “the most tidy posture” aligned with mounting holes.
“I am so nervous. My feet are numb from the tread!” said the driver. His one foot steps on the accelerator,and his eyes stares on the demand sign. After aligning the flat car with fixed position, four measuring person got into the hole location. They would report to external engineer real-time measuring installation data. Through the field of real-time computing, they should determine the further needs to fine-tune the displacement. All these works aimed to get the perfect docking of propulsion module and steering module. The jacking operation started at 3:00 PM and ended at 8:00 PM, with a total of 5 hours.
However, after jacking in the place, fixed bolt is another difficulty. The diameter of fixed propulsion module bolt is 72mm, which has the same width as an adult’s arm. In order to reduce the impact of ambient temperature on installation precision, more than 40 bolts should completely install within 4 hours and tie-bolts should be finished within 8 hours. But the narrow hole site can only accommodate six people. All assemblers from armoring department machine loading made a great joint efforts, they finished the tie-bolts task in the early moring on Jun. 5th.

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