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Sun Wei emphased GSI should play an exemplary role in diversified development


On April 27th,Sun Wei, the vice manager of CSSC , along with other people did a investigation in our company. By researching and debriefing, Sun required the company should free our mind, revivify our spirts and speed up the development. And we will play an exemplary role in developing diversified company.
Sun pointed out that GSI has four tasks to complete. First, GSI should optimize the business structure and walk on the path of high quality development based on the pep talk given by Lei Fanpei, secretary party of leading party members’ group and CEO of GSI, on the first quarter economic operation analysis. Second, GSI should take on the responsibility to play the leading role of assessment, and form the competitive mechanism of shipping and non-shipping business to achieve the high quality development of non-shipping business. Third, we should also give full play of own advantage to cultivate new power and get deep development in local economy development. And all of these would gain more momentum to develop diversify business. Fourth, we should pay more attention on efficiency and benefit. And we aims at completing the annual tasks comprehensively with high quality.
The party of Sun Wei gave a special visit to university town for understanding the implementation of “Internet+Wasting Sorting” program. They visited the demonstrational process of Smart rubbish bin, waste sorting data statistics platform and other programs. After getting the facts of these programs, he pointed out that it is worth to carry on the “Internet+Wasting Sorting” program and speed up the business development and stationing of this program.
Han Guangde, the CEO of GSI, did this investigation and survey companied with Mai Rongzhi, the president of labor union,Yu Baoshan, director of group emerging industries, and Zhang Xin, the vice director of power electromechanical department.

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