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The Chairman of CSSC, Lei Fanpei Visited Our Company


On April 8th, the chairman of CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) visited our company accompanied with Wu Yongjie, the vice manager of CSSC. Firstly, investigation group went to thorough the work site of our company and learned more about high-end Ro/ro Passenger Vessel,Specialized Vessel,Product/ Crude oil tanker and other under construction ships. And they watched the multi-type specialized equipment surface demonstration developed by the company.

The chairmen of  GSI, Han Guangde, and the manager Chenji and other leaders group give a report of producing and operating status since we start to work from 2012. After the work report, Mr. Lei gave us full affirmation of China maritime armament construction and the contribution we had made for China ship industry. Meanwhile, he also required that we need to start a new stage of development and improvement, which can catch up the speed of China development.
First, we should follow the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly implement the party's spirit of the 19th century. We should gain a thorough comprehension of the principle of the reports of the 19th NCCPC, which we need to cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness,and maritime power construction,scientific power construction and world-class army construction. Meanwhile, we need to strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility, understand the principle of "quality first, benefit first", and strive to improve the capacity of independent innovation. With the combination of the 19th NCCPC spirts and enterprise development promotion, we should strive to build a world-class technology, high-efficiency management and creative innovation level in order to achieve high quality development as well as building a world-class enterprise to promote the development of the 19 great spirit to take root.
Second, we will resolutely carry out the first duty of the security forces, and make the military task a top priority, ensuring the timely and high-quality completion of all military tasks. Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind are our task and we are committed to modernizing national defense and the armed forces. To firmly establish the quality of military products is the company's "face" high-quality goods consciousness, and ensuring the quality is too hard, guarantee in place.
Third, we will ensure the expansion of the Marine industrial chain and the diversified equipment industry, setting up specialized teams, exploring new industries, and realize the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. In accordance with national and local industrial policies, we need to use existing technology and management resources, make scientific assessment of risk, strengthen strategic analysis, strengthen the system and mechanism innovation, especially using the director of the field again at the same time. We should try to form a number of competitive products.
Fourth, we need to improve leadership effectiveness, and try to be united as one. We should also make great efforts positively and try to strengthen the consensus of emancipating the mind strategy to carry out the driving force, carrying on the effective management, and further enhance task to fall to the ground. We also need to improve its efficient management level, find out the modernization of management, benchmark the first-class enterprise actively, strengthen management, update the management idea, innovative management methods, all of these are sound methods for us to construct world-class management level of enterprises.
Fifth, we should promote technological innovation. The advanced technology innovation ability is of great significance to promote the development of main industry and cultivate non-ship business. We should learn from the world's advanced shipping companies in terms of technics and technology, correctly analyze the gaps in existence, and improve the technological innovation capabilities of informatization, digitization and intellectualization effectively.
Sixth, we should strength party building to strengthen the longitudinal development of Party self-discipline. We should also actively organize and urged the workers on the job achievements. At the same time, for young workers, we should solve real problems in the housing and their children's education, enhance staff's cohesive force and fighting capacity. We need to take the move as an opportunity to raise the banner of development, stick to the problem orientation, promote the transformation and development, and make new breakthroughs in high-end technologies such as luxury cruise ships, high-end passenger rollers, and high-value-added ships.
Mr. Lei emphasized that this year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and the GSI should be at the forefront of the Chinese shipping group in terms of efficiency, emancipating the mind and development of the main industry.
The general office of CSSC, the military department, the Marine department, the department of quality safety and other major leaders participated in the survey.

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