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Roll Up Sleeves and Work Hard For Chinese New Year


Around the Spring Festival of 2018, the company organized a series of activities for the general staff to celebrate a peaceful and happy Spring Festival. All staff felt the warmth from the company and were encouraged by taking part in these activities actively. They promised they will be devoted to work with more enthusiasm and good working conditions. They will make a positive contribution to the work goal of the company's ecological reconstruction and the reconstruction of its advantages, which is closely related to the company's party building and ideological and political work, and the deployment of the staff and workers' congress.
On February 12th, the company's labour union and the company's Youth League Committee organized a series of wonderful garden activities in the Executive Building, Dock team room, Manufacturing department Building, No. 6th Living Auxiliary Building and Zhongshan Company, the activities attractted a large number of staff to participate. During the garden activities, the company's labour union also invited the calligraphy master to give address expressing his wishes.
On February 16th, the first day of the Lunar New Year, early in the morning, Han Guangde, the company’s party secretary and Chairman, and Chen Ji, General Manager, Deputy Secretary of the party committee, Mai Rongzhi, Deputy secretary of CPC and Chairman of labour union, went deep into the two factories of the company, and sent greetings to the employees who still hold their posts during the holiday.
On February 25th, the tenth day of the Lunar New Year which was the first day to work after Spring Festival, the company party secretary, chairman Han Guangde, general manager, deputy secretary of the party committee Chen Ji and other leaders waited at the company gate to welcome staff coming back and sent them the New Year's greetings.

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