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The 14th Member Representative Assembly Had Been Held Successfully


        The 13th Member Committee was expired before Feb. 2nd. According to the Trade Union Act and the China Trade Union Constitution and other relevant provisions,the Member Committee should be carried out the general election. The 14th Member Committee was held on February 2nd by the labor union. During the assembly, the work report of 13th Member Committee Assembly was approved by the company Labor Union as well as the General Assembly Resolutions and the name lists of specialized committee. After the general election, our company’s 14th Member Committee of Labor Union was elected and the request of appropriation. Lv Fan, vice-inspector of Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions, Han Guangde, Chairman of GSI, Chen Ji,  general manager of GSI, as well as other leaders and other committee representatives attended the meeting within more than 350 people. The 14th Member Committee Assembly was held by the president of the 13th Member Committee Assembly and vice secretary of the party committee, Mai Rongzhi.
        The 14th preparatory convention of Member Committee Assembly was held before the official convention. The purpose of the preparatory convention was for attending the work report of preparation, approving agendas of the convention, and the members name list of Member Bureau and the qualification report. On behalf of the 13th Member Committee, Mai Rongzhi addressed the work report, which focused on dealing with concrete tasks and being prudent to work as well as being a considerate leader among staffs; and leaders should be the pioneer of reform work with the developing and creative principles. The work report refers to the contributions that GSI made by serving and promoting the company. In the work report, Mai concluded that the five work in the past five years, including sound mechanism, perform the responsivities, and democratic management. He declared the GSI would followed the idea of government report, the promoted the rights for people who work at GSI and remain the safety of our lives. GSI will approve the work report before and strength the 6 areas for promoting the development of GSI. During the convention, Mai also approved the report of 14th Fund Inspection Committee.
        Han Guangde,Chairman of GSI gave the final reports. He declared that the spirts of 19th NPRC will be carried out the situation of reform, and the depth study of New stage, which is the document of the Reform Framework of New Stage of Industry. Meanwhile, working on steading the foundation and strengthening the management will help the trade union to develop itself. Working as a link of company and employees, leaders needs to inherit the traditional culture and spirts. Setting up a new idea that serving first and to open a new chapter.

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