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The 261,000 DWT VLOC For FMG Is Named And Signed Delivery


On December 13, the 261,000 DWT VLOC, which is built for Australia's well-known iron ore exporters FMG Group, is named in the company Nansha plant, and signed delivery on December 15.
It is understood that this year is 45th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Australia, and the successful construction of this type of ship is also the crystallization of friendship between the two countries. Mr. Dominic Trindade, Consul General of the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou, Mr. Yuming, former Chinese consul General of Australia, was invited to attend the ceremony.
Godmother Julie Shuttleworth named the ship " MATILDA" and wished her a smooth voyage in the future.
FMG Group CEO Elizabeth Gaines was invited to attend the ceremony and address. Next year, she says, is the 10th year for FMG to export the first iron ore to China, FMG group not only transported Australia's iron ore to China, but also purchased $1 billion worth of material from China each year, and its second largest shareholder, Hualing Iron and Steel Group, is also a Chinese enterprise. It can be said that the exchange of trade and investment between China and Australia has made FMG Group a great development. It is believed that through cooperation with GSI, the layout of FMG in South market will be strengthened to achieve a greater win-win situation.
Mr. Chen, the company's general manager, said at the ceremony that the company had established a good foundation of cooperation with FMG in the field of steel structure and heavy machinery in 2010, and signed 4 261,000-DWT ore ship order on July 2014, which extending cooperation to shipbuilding field. FMG and GSI rely on the friendly relations between the two countries can work together to create a set of marine transport, mining, port handling in one of the comprehensive strategic partnership, to carry out more extensive cooperation in shipbuilding, mining machinery, shipping and other fields.
Dominic Trindade, Consul General of the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou, said at the ceremony that this year is the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Australia, and that trade relations are undoubtedly the core.

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