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The 26th Vessel Delivered By The Company in 2017


The Poseidon Adventure,113,000DWT crude oil carrier was delivered in Nansha factory, which was built for Wanli Shipping Hong Kong Ltd, CO. on November 21st. The vice general manager of GSI, Zhou Xuhui and the CEO of Wanli Shipping Hong Kong Ltd, Co., Gu Jiantai attended the signing ceremony and signed the redelivery certification. It is known that it is the 26th ship delivered by our company this year.
The overall length of the ship is 250 meters and its width is 44 meters. The depth of ship is 21.5 meters. And the designed draft is 13.7 meters. There are two ships within the same models, and each of them was signed the construction contract in September and December in 2013.The delivered ship is called No.2 and the No.1 ship is already delivered in the first month of this year.

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