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The World's First Thousand DWT Pure Electric Boat Launched


On November 12, The world's first 2000 DWT new energy electric self-unloading ship, which is built for Guangzhou Development Rui Hua New Energy Electric Ship Co., Ltd., launched in Nansha factory.
The ship is 70.5 meters in length, 13.9 meters in width, 4.5 meters in depth, 3.3 meters in draft, with 6 crew members, using two motors to drive the straight-wing omnidirectional propeller (2x160kw) as its operation and propulsion system. It is a new energy electric self-unloading ship with 2000 DWT. At the launching ceremony of the ship, the standard release activities of the "Inland River Dual-Electric (lithium-ion battery, super capacitor) Pure Electric Ship Power System" are also held.
As the core enterprise of CSSC,GSI takes Xi Jinping’s new socialist thought of Chinese characteristics as the guidance, positively implements “China makes 2025” the related policy request. It advocated a “green Shipbuilding, love life” work policy, in addition to the ship emission indicators have done a lot of improvement and innovative design, As early as a few years ago with the Guangdong Energy Logistics group in the new Energy electric Ship research and development and manufacturing has been a number of discussions and research, and actively explore the transformation from manufacturing industry to science and technology-oriented industry development ideas. With the advantages of brand, research and development and environmental protection equipment, we vigorously carry out the research and construction of low energy-consuming ship type (including electric ship) and dual-fuel ship type, so that the company has been in the leading industry position in environmental protection shipbuilding.
It is understood that the ship will fill the world with the tonnage of inland River dual-electric drive bulk carrier blank, by the company and Guangzhou Development of new Energy Electric Boat Co., Ltd. to enjoy intellectual property rights. The ship is equipped with 26 tons of super Capacitor + super high-power lithium battery, the entire ship's battery capacity of about 2,400-kilowatt/, the theoretical time to full of electricity for 2 hours.If the ships are in full load conditions, the speed will be up to 12.8 km/h (about 7 knots), and battery is up to 80 km. During the voyage, the whole process does not consume fuel, carbon, sulfur and other exhaust gas pollutants and PM2.5 particles to achieve zero emissions, to achieve the "Inland River Green Ship specification" of the green ship-ⅲ the highest level.

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