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The Last New Ship Undock From Liwan Factory


The 50,000 DWT chemical / product oil tanker was undocked from No.3 dockyard on November 1st . And it is the last ship undock from Liwan factory, which it marked that this old dockyard with hundreds of years history will step down from the stage of history.
The shipdock of Liwan factory is the most important shipbuilding facilities, which seems like the “Mother Dock” of the GSI company. The dock's history can be traced back centuries ago. It’s known from the GSI Annal, as early as the late Qing Dynasty, there was a small mud dock near the current address of our company in the Pearl River West Bank. It was charged by the Qing Dynasty and Guangdong Navy Admiral Direct jurisdiction. It was dedicated to build naval vessels, Xinhai Revolution after the outbreak of the abandoned. Since 1914, Tan Liting, the Patriotic entrepreneurs in Guangzhou South Stone West Bank rented 370 acres, the construction of Guang-nan Dock, and began shipbuilding production. However, from the establishment of the Guang-Nan shipyard to the early days of the new China, shipbuilding production has not played its due effect. Until the founding of the New China, the Guang-Nan shipyard has renewed its vigor.
After the integration of several shipyards in 1954, Guangzhou shipyard (Canton Ship International predecessor) was formally established. The dock began to expand in 1958, the following more than 60 years, Liwan factory dock not only witnessed the company's development and growth, but also witnessed the Chinese shipbuilding industry from small to large, from weak to strong history.
“Keeping to your original aspiration leads you to success.” accompanied by the relocation of the company's Liwan plant, this heritage of the century-old dock of the Guang-Chuan shipyard will also be a glorious retirement, this is a historical end, but also the beginning of the company's new journey. Compared with the two 300,000-ton dock in Nansha plant, although the Liwan plant can only be built at a level of 60,000 tons, the shipyard is dwarfed by the fact that the people who are self-reliant and pioneers will always inspire the people to create brilliance in the new journey of building ocean power.

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