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The 50,500DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker Successfully Launched


It was early at 6 a.m. on 27th September, the No. 3 ship started to launch from No. 1 platform production line. After all workers from related teams prepared, they prepared to test the moving carrier with electricity. At 8 am, 74 moving carriers lifted the 10,000 tons ship named Yong Rong, and carried it towards to the harbor pool gradually. The whole process went smoothly from the beginning to the end without stopping.
At 5 pm of that day, Yong Rong ship completed the steady task from Semi-submerged barge and all moving carriers had withdrawn. The whole process spent less than 6 hours than before. And this is the third ship made from Nansha platform line factory as well as the first ship has been finished by moving carriers with all efforts from GSI.
It is reported that it is a new technology to shift the large ship weighed more than 10 thousand tons from the ground to harbor pool and then launching. Since the platform operating line constructed and put into operation in April 2016, the first ship launched on 26th Oct. 2016. The main work was charged by China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering CO., LTD and Guangzhou Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, which developed the moving carriers. On 15th Feb., the second ship launched and the water homework team started to operate and test moving carriers. They learned the skill of operating the moving carriers.

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