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Two Ship Docking in Double Ten Date


During the golden autumn, GSI held a docking ceremony in Nansha No. 1 dock for 49,999DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker No. 4 and 44,500 DWT Ice-breaking polar condensate tanker on 10th Oct.. One was held at 10:18 in the morning, and another was held at 15:08 in the afternoon. During the 19th CPC National Congress, it was meaningful to finish docking in the time of double ten.
It is reported that the 49,999DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker is the fourth ship that GSI build for NJTC. The overlength of this ship is 183.2 meters and the breadth is 32.26 meters. The moulded depth is 18.2 meters, and the design draft is 11 meters. The series ships include 4 ships, and the series ships were designed indepently with energy-efficient and environment protection merits. The No. 1 ship launched successfully from No. 2 platform in Nansha factory, and this was the first time for GSI to complete launching task indepently. The No. 3 ship was undocked from No. 1 dock on 28th September. This ship was the testing ship for GSI to carry out making 6s model ship. The No. 2 ship is carrying on No. 1 platform, and this is the first time for GSI to use mobile robot to fold the bow and stern together. From No.1 to No.4, the series ships were constructed with great responsibilities and meaningful things.
The ARC7 44,500 DWT Ice-breaking polar condensate tanker is tailored for YAMAL large natural gas field project, and the shipowner is Dynacom company from Greek. This type ship is the only one in the world and it can sail below minus 50℃. The full-rotating propeller is driven by diesel generator with ice breaking stern and moderate ice breaking bow. This is the second time to set foot in polar shipping construction after the Polar Heavy Deck Transport Ship. If this ship would be built successfully, all efforts will be a stepping-stone to access the field of high-end cruise. It also occupied favorable position in the chain of supplying area all around the world and is meaningful to GSI to address the structure and development.

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