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The Composite Hard Rock Shield Machine Export to India


On 15th Oct., Guangzhou GSI Large-scale Machinery and Equipment Co. Ltd, the sub company of GSI made the co-product (T-59∮6.68m Dual TBM composite hard rock shield machine) with Guangzhou Terry Turk Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., and it was delivered in Nansha factory. Meanwhile, it will ship to India, which is one of the courtiers along the One Belt and One Road.
“This machine prefer to tackle the hardest thing. The harder the ground, the better the machine works!” The vice manager from Large-Machine company, Guo Dong said during he introduced the function of this machine.
The Large-Machine company is responsible for making the steel structure parts and equipment installation of this shield tunneling machine. On the cutter of this machine, it has many sawtooth, which is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel and the wield on cutter was sealed by wear-resistant welding. When the shield tunneling machine pierce in the tunnel, the sawtooth can smash the hard rock easily.
It is known that this shield tunneling machine achieved 70 millimeters ply, and the thickest part achieved 100 millimeter. This machine can tunnel more than 50 meters with the fastest speed within one day. And it has good automation and it is easy to operate this machine by one person. According to PM Wu Si, we only need one operator to operate this machine, and there are many screens in the procedure room. All operating state will be seen clearly.
It will take about two and half months to make this kind of machine. But this machine was completed within only two months.
It is reported that there are three shield machines with diameter of 6.68 meters and two shield machines with diameter of 8 meters will be made by the Large-Machine company. Some of these machines will be used to build Guangzhou Subway construction, and some are exported to other countries along the One Belt and One Road. We provide a “Chinese Solution” to other countries for constructing their subway and high-speed train.

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