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Two Gifts for Our 19th CPC National Congress


On 12nd Oct., our company named the 114,000 DWT Product/ Crude Oil Tanker for Denmark TORM Shipping company in Nansha factory. And LizzieBrandt Janholt, god mother, gave a name to this ship, which is called TORM Herdis.
This ship is one of the main ship forms which meets the requirement of the new IACS coordinated Construction Requirement. And this ship was designed by our own R&D technology and it is an energy saving LR II oil ship with our own intellectual property. This ship is allocated with the most advanced two-stroke low speed diesel engine with intelligent electronic control, 6G60ME-C9.5, which meets the requirements of SECA in EU, which proposed the sulphur content should be less than 0.1%. It reserved the space for shipowner to install the desulphuration equipment. In addition, it doesn’t only meet the IMO requirement which is about the Tier II emission of NOX, but also fill the bill of EDDI second working phrases.
On 17th Oct., the IMO II, 5,000 DWT Chemical/ Product Oil Tanker was delivered of the vessel type A, No. 12 for STENA in the seventh meeting and signed in Liwan factory. It is reported, the ship was named as STENA IMPRIMIS and it was the 25th delivered ship.

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