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The Whole Company Watched the 19th CPC National Congress Together


On 18th Oct.,at 8 a.m., Li Huosheng, the deputy manager of Condensate tanker project and the National Model Worker, arrived more than 1 hour earlier at the multi-function room of Nancha factory administration floor for watching the opening ceremony of the 19th CPC National Congress.
“I am extremely excited that it is a great event of our party’s pollical life. The 19th CPC National Congress is the very crucial convention during the decisive stage of completing a well-off society and the critical period of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Today, Mr. Li wore a clean uniform with a new emblem of Chinese party, and he took a specialized notebook named “Two Studies and One Action”. He was going to watch the ceremony with more than 1,700 party members.
In the morning at 9a.m., the 19th CPC National Congress opened officially. The General Secretary Xi Jinping, on behalf the 18th Central Committee, addressed the report for the 19th CPC National Congress ceremony. Our company organized more than 200 people including first level of leaders, the Party secretaries, and the chairmen of the union branches, Youth league committees and secretaries from Liwan factory and Nansha factory to watch the opening ceremony alive. And other 73 Party branches also organized the masses of party members to watch the opening ceremony. We proposed to follow the path of NPC.
After the ceremony, all levels of leaders wrote down their feelings.

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