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The Military and Civilian Make Joint Efforts on Ship Building


In recent years,the shipbuilding industry has shown a good trend of going hand in hand with the army and the people. On September 1st, our company built the first new-type of comprehensive supply ship called Hulun Lake into formal service. In the meantime, we got good news in civil ships. On Aug. 30th, our company signed and deliveried the “STENA IMPERATOR” at Liwan factory which was a 50 thousand DWT Chemical Tanker of No. 11 Size A for STENA company in Sweden. On top of this, our company signed another ship named “the North Sea Progress” in Nansha factory, which was the No. 2, 55 thousand DWT crude oil tanker shipped for the North See shiping.
The overall length of “STENA IMPERATOR” is about 183 meters, and the molded breadth is 18 meters with 11 meters designed draft. This ship was designed with a great sense of innovative technics and environmental technology. It was also allocated with advanced host system and was adopted with the latest wastegate EBG technology and AUTOTUNING technics. All these techniques has been reduced fuel consumption effectively. And it was optimized reasonably on wind drag, appearance and comfortableness, which was integrated in comfort, low-carbon and environmental protection.
The No.2 crude oil tanker of 55 thousand DWT is one of the new generation ship form with green, safty and environmental protection. This ship is mainly applied to indoor oil platform and carry crude oil along with coastal and Yangtze port, which is also up to the international voyages.This ship is about 219.9 meters with 215.4 meters Length between perpendiculars.

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