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Three Ships Meet Together After the Delivering of “Lian Le Hu”


On August 1st, our company deliveried the vessel, 50,000 DWT product chemical tanker D-type No.3 ship, to the COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian) Co., Ltd. at Nansha factory. The vice president, Luo Yuming, of COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. and the vice president of COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Bu Fanyi, and the vice president of COSCOSHIP, Zhang Yan and so on were attended the ceremony. Han Guangde, the Chairman of GSI and secretary of standing committee, Vice President, Jin Lichao attended the launching ceremony. Ms. Li Zhuoqiong named this vessel “Lian Le Hu”.
Jin Lichao expressed that our company masters the corporate vision, which is our company devoted ourselves to be the technology-leading in weight equipment and provided first-rate service. We will strive constantly to solidify the ground on the market of handysize liquid cargo ship and to grasp the core technology of AFRA, VLCC, VLOC ship as well as semi-submersible heavy lift ship,Ro-Ro passenger ship, polar ship, high value-added ship. We are looking forward to have intensive cooperation with COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. in other areas and make great contribution in the grand strategy, which is domestic ships will be made in China and the Petronas will be transferred by national transportation.
Bu Fanyi, the vice president of the COSCO SHIPPING Tanker (Dalian) Co., Ltd., pointed out that the increasing rate of transportation capability has been slow down in the world crude oil market though, it still face the situation of oversupply and this situation havn’t alleviate. Following the “Lian Huan Hu” and “Lian Xi Hu” , “Lian Le Hu” is the third dual-use ship made for COSCOSHIPING (Dalian). It succesfully switches in COSCOSHIPING (Dalian) which plays an important role in the gloomy shipping market and it helps to adjust and optimize the structure of the fleet of ships. It also provides a firm guarantee for the strategies of implementing One Belt and One Road and national oil transportating domesticly. He hopes that the cooperation between COSCOSHIPING (Dalian) and GSI will keep contact closely and effectively. And it also provides power for the development of state economy and world-wide trade.
It is reported that the total length of the ship is 183.2 meters, the vertical line length 178.5 meters, the type width 32.26 meters, the type depth 18.2 meters, the structure drafts 12.9 meters, hangs the Hong Kong flag. This ship is the company's newest and optimized oil and chemical dual-use ship with large tank volume and environment saving. COSCO SHIPING (Dalian) orders the other two ships, which are “Lian Huan Hu” and “Lian Xi Hu”. Along with the operation of “Lian Le Hu”, these three ships meet together.

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