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The Completion of No.2 Slipway in Liwan Factory Got a City-Shaking


In the midday of July 24th, it was crowded with thousands of people and distinguished guests gathering at GSI Liwan factory. The 1,600LM Luxury Ro-ro passenger vessel was anchoring on the No. 2 slipway and waiting for launching out into the river. Under the slipway, people were delighted to welcome all guests from different areas to celebrate the ceremony.
It was the greatest celebration of GSI over the past ten years. On the celebration, there were more than 1,000 guests to come to the ceremony. People who attended the ceremony included the CEO of CSSC, secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group, Dong Qiang; Deputy director of the NPC standing committee, chairman of General Union, Tang Hanghao; Deputy secretary general of Guangzhou People’s Government, Ma Shu; CTO of Gotland shipping company, Mr. Ulf Nilsson and other leaders and guests.
All employees were not beamed with no smiles, because 1600LM Luxury Ro-ro passenger vessel was built for the first Ro-Ro passenger vessel with double fuel (mixed with natural gas and fuel oil) in China and the vessel was exert all workers from GSI utmost efforts. It was also the last time for launching from No. 2 slipway before the Liwan factory relocated.
The service speed of this vessel is up to 28.5 knot, and the passenger capacity is over 1600 people. The vessel is able to carry about 520 sedan cars with two vehicle decks, which each lane sprawls for 2,310 meters. The Ro-ro passenger vessel adopts propulsion types which are propeller impetus and double fuel engine propeller (mixed with natural gas and fuel oil). And it is the fastest luxury ro-ro passenger vessel with the best performance and the most energy-saving in the world.
The vessel is the updated version of “Gotland”, which is 2.5 meters shorter and 0.2 meters narrower than the 1600LM Luxury Ro-ro passenger vessel. The vessel is added up living quarter and simlified the cargo hold ventilation system. It also embraced black technology in shipbuilding industry, which four main diesel engines and other four supplementary engines are all adopted double fuel system. Further more, in the process of design, our company set up a scientific research team to mainly solve the problems of safe return, ship vibration, LNG system design and management of weight and gravity, as well as other frontier technical problems in shipbuilding. Moreover, it also equips with cinema, supermarket, club or other entertainment facilities.
Han Guangde, Chairman of GSI, gave address on launching ceremony that he emphasised the company would unswerving persist on throwing ourselves into construting maritime power. He also mentioned that the company will also unswerving provide high quality products and service. Once there was a shipowner who commented our GSI is the Great Shipyard Indeed, and also made it, made it as the Global Service International! Now, even though our GSI man are unwilling to leave here, we still stay true to the mission and move forward to get better future.
The launching movement of 1600LM Ro-ro passenger vessel caused a great repercussion in the shiping industry. It was reported by Workers’ Daily, China Ship News, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily and Yangcheng Evening News in central government, provincial and city media.

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