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No. 3 Slipway “Retired Honorably”


With the dancing lions and fluttering flags, the grand launching ceremonies are always lively and festive after completion of each new ship. On July 10th, the 50,000DWT Chemical / Product oil tanker, named “Visby • Atlantic”, which is the last ship built at the No.3 shipbuilding slipway of GSI's Liwan shipyard, indicated that the relocation of GSI Liwan factory has entered the countdown stage. And No. 3 slipway has successfully accomplished her mission and retired honorably.
If we say that shipbuilding is just like giving birth to children, the slipway and dry dock are the uterus of a mother. Each new ship has to experience ten months’ pregnancy, finish her assembly, slip to the Pear River and finally sail to the sea.
The Liwan factory of GSI owned three slipways which include one 40,000dtw slipway and two 60,000dwt slipways, and also one 50,000dwt dry dock. They were established in 1950s and 1980s respectively. The No. 3 slipway was built in 1982 and after being remolded and expanded for several times, numerous army ships and commercial vessels launching through this slipway. It has made great contributions to China’s national defense and economic development.
The “Visby Atlantic”, built for WISBY TANKERS Company is the first one of the two 50,000dwt Chemical/Product Oil Tankers. The ship's length overall is about 183.2 meters, the breadth is 32.26 meters, the depth is 18.2 meters, design draft is 11 meters, scantling draft is 12.9 meters, and the service speed is 14.5 knots.
It is known that this is the first time for GSI to cooperate with WISBY TANKERS. But the two 51800 DWT ice strengthened tankers under its operations were also built by our company. The slipway launching technology will be frozen in people’s memory after the company move to Nansha district.

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