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The delivery of scientific investigation ship “Jia Geng”


On March 28, the world’s top scientific investigation ship “Jia Geng” which was built by GSI for Xiamen University has been delivered. The ship set clean, quiet, universal, green and other advantages in one and reached the world’s top level of the same type of scientific investigation ship. It indicates marine research ship would become a main ship type of GSI.
The length of “Jia Geng” is 77.7 meters, the width is 16.24 meters, the designed draft is 5.2 meters, and its full load displacement is 3450 ton. The ship’s maximum speed is 14 knots, its endurance is more than 10000 sea miles, and its holding force is more than 50 days. This ship could contain more than 50 people to do scientific investigation and experiments on the ship. After the delivery, it would undertake multidisciplinary and comprehensive missions such as do some oceanography researches, teaching practices and related engineer operation in ice-free areas.

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