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“Princess Changle” opened her maiden voyage in Xisha


On March 2, the “Princess Changle”, a ro-ro passenger ship which was built for Hainan strait co., LTD by GSI, carrying 308 passengers from Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal, opened her maiden voyage in Xisha. The first voyage ceremony attracted wide attention from the media and the community.
“Princess Changle” adopted the dual engines and propellers system and its speed is not less than 16 knots on the calm sea with a depth of more than 40 meters. It is understood that, compared with the same type of domestic ship, the facilities of the “Princess Changle” are more comfortable. The lower deck of the ship is used to park the vehicles, the upper is used to accommodation which could satisfy 1000 people’s demands. There are recreation rooms, reading room, supermarkets, café, bars, stages and other recreational facilities on the ship, which is very suitable for family self-driving island tour.
During this voyage, tourists could enjoy two days of sightseeing in Xisha, including Rich Island, Duck Island and Silver Island. The tourists could also participate in the theme activities of flag-raising ceremony, semi-submerged ship sightseeing, snorkeling, sea fishing and so on. It is reported that the Xisha eco-tourism routes opened on April 28, 2013 in Haikou. By the end of February 2017, there were total 151 voyages and received 28000 person-time, and the number of tourists remained the growth of more than 40% every year.

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