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The ship owner reward GSI $10,000


On March 1, GSI delivered the 2,623,000dwt, NO.3 ore carrier named “Berge Cho Oyu” which was built for Singapore Berge shipping Company in Nansha factory. The Vice President of GSI Zhou Xuhui attended the ceremony and signed the delivery documents. In order to thank the staff of GSI, the ship owner rewarded GSI 10,000 dollars.
Berge Shipping Company is the world’s largest private bulk carrier ship owners, who gave an order contains 8 ore carriers (four 262,000t ore carriers and four 300,000t ore carriers) to GSI in 2013. The total length of this ship is 32,700m, the length between perpendiculars is 32,150m, the molded breadth is 5,700m, the molded depth is 25.50m, and the designed draft is 18.10m. The service speed is 14.5 knots and its endurance is 2,5000 sea miles. During the construction process, GSI carried out a series of optimization design of the ship’s hull line, energy-saving device, and energy efficiency monitoring system to make it has the advantages of large loading capacity, large hold capacity, low fuel consumption and easy loading and unloading of goods. Various indexes of the vessel, such as safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and operation indices, reach the advanced domestic level. Meanwhile it is a green environmental protection ship that meets the requirement of all kinds of specifications.

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