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The delivery of our country’s biggest semi-submerged ship


 It’s shape looks like a aircraft carrier, and the deck surface area is as big as two football field, it can dive into 30.5 meters underwater and can easily lift things which weight 0.1 million tons on the sea. On December 8th, the biggest semi-submerged ship which was our company built for COSCO SHIPPING SPECIALIZED CARRIERS COMPANY LIMITED had delivered and named as “Xin Guanghua” in Nasha factory. The CSSC’s secretary of party leadership group and president Wu Qiang, the COSCO’s secretary of party leadership group and president Xu Lirong, the Guangdong province’s deputy secretary-general Lin Ji, secretary of Nasha district committee Ding Hong and other leaders and guests were invited to attend.

The god-mother Li Sixuan named the ship as “Xin Guanghua”, meaning it can be like the old ship “Guang Hua” in 1960s and wish it can make more contribution to make our country be a maritime power.

It is reported that the ship is the largest in our country and the second largest in the world. The total length of it is 255 meters, the molded breadth is 68 meters, the diving draft is 30.5 meters, the dead weight capacity is 98000 tons, the service speed is 14.5 knots, the length of the deck is 210 meters, the deck breadth is 68 meters, and the deck area is 13500 square meters which as big as two football pitch.”Xin Guanghua” adopted two sets of electric propelled system for the power, and there are two sets of propeller at the bow and stern. The power of the ship is supported by 6 main diesel generating sets which power is 4750 kilowatts, and equipped the most advanced DP2 dynamic positioning system which could make it lock the coordinate point when it working on the sea no matter how rough of the stormy waves.

It is understood that the ship is sometimes called “Hercules forklift”, which is mainly used to transport heavy goods, such as ocean platform, large steel structure, floating deck and so on. It can also be used to salvage. 

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