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95000 ton ice zone enhanced bulk carrier built for Pangaea by GSI set sail

    On May 26, the first ship of the 95000 ton ice zone enhanced bulk carrier built for Pangaea by GSI set sail. The ship, which was signed and delivered on the afternoon of Thursday, is the first ice-enhanced bulk carrier built by GSIC and has an ice-breaking capability of ICE-1A class. The successful delivery of the ship marks the successful conquering of ice area bulk carrier construction technology and the further improvement of the main construction ship product structure. The vessel has a total length of 229.5 meters, a width of 38 meters, and a depth of 21.3 meters. The designed draft is 12.3 meters, and the structural draft is 15 meters. It is suitable for loading bulk cargo, such as coal, ore, grain, etc., with a total of 7 warehouses. As an Ice area enhanced bulk carrier, the icebreaking capacity of the ship can reach the DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas) Ice class ICE-1A, which can be used in cold sea conditions of -20℃, crushing Ice up to 0.8 meters thick. In recent years, GSIC has successively delivered several bulk carriers of different tonnage class, including four 82,000-ton bulk carriers and six 250,000-ton super large bulk carriers. In February 2019, the company delivered the largest 300,000-ton VLOC in South China, which has strong experience and technology in the bulk carrier field. The successful delivery of the first ice area enhanced bulk carrier of GSIC marks the "GSIC International" bulk carrier to add a new wing, complete the bulk carrier product sequence, for the market development and the development of the main construction ship is of great significance. Relying on the construction experience and technology of ice area ships and bulk carriers, the project will add new impetus to the development of GSI as "a first-class enterprise with leading technology and excellent service in the global Marine equipment and technology application industry".
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