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The annual order has exceeded 10 billion yuan, GSI signed another 8 tanker orders

    On May 18, GSI and Hengyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhejiang Hengyi Group, signed a contract for the construction of eight 49,600 tons of chemical/oil product carriers. After the contract comes into effect, GSI's total operating orders in 2021 will exceed 10 billion yuan. Zhou xuhui, vice general manager of GSI, wu aijun, vice general manager of China ship trading corporation and Chen guochang, general manager of hengyi logistics signed the contract on behalf of the three parties respectively. Chen Zhongqian, Chairman of GCSC International, Qiu Yibo, Chairman of Hengyi Petrochemical, Fan Qiang, Vice President of China Classification Society, Eric Kless, President of the Eastern World of ABS Classification Society, Liu Yuguan, Vice General Manager of China Bank Shipping Leasing Division, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing. This project is the first cooperation between Hengyi Group and CSSC, and it is also the largest single batch MR order obtained by GSIC in recent years. Learned, total length of 183 meters, the ship type width 32 meters, 11 m design draft, service speed section 14.5, is GuangChuan international for constant escape group independent research and development, designed a new generation of MR type oil tankers, energy saving and environmental protection, superior performance, fully display the GuangChuan international leading market position in the field of MR tanker and market recognition. This batch of orders is the main ship type of GSIC, which has a very positive significance for giving full play to its advantages in construction technology and optimizing product structure.
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