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The signing of the Framework Agreement for Oceanic Fish Farming Project


On March 5, Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI) signed an agreement with Guangxi Jinggong Marine Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Jinggong) and Southern Marine Science And Engineering Guangdong Laboratory of (Zhanjiang) for the South China Sea Oceanic Fish Engineering Framework cooperation agreement for boat breeding projects.
Song Jianqiang, Chairman of Guangxi Jinggong, Yan Jun, Deputy Director of Zhanjiang Bay Laboratory, and Zhou Xuhui, Deputy General Manager of GSI, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the three parties.
Yan Yunrong, deputy director of Zhanjiang Bay Laboratory, and Zhou Mushun, chief engineer of GSI, signed a joint development agreement on behalf of the two parties.
The agreement stipulates that Zhanjiang Bay Laboratory and GSI jointly develop equipment development for Guangxi Jinggong's large-scale cruising aquaculture platform for the South China Sea oceanic fish breeding project. This project is a demonstration project of CSSC's "Marine Farming Factory" project. After completion, it will contribute to the development of China's marine resources and marine economy.
At the signing ceremony, Yan Yunrong, deputy director of Zhanjiang Bay Laboratory, introduced the laboratory's basic situation and the prospects of co-construction of the cooperation mechanism. He sincerely welcomes GSI and the laboratory to work together and join forces. He hopes to cooperate in scientific research projects, new ship development, non-ship product research and development, market development, talent exchange, and other fields in the future. He also emphasized helping each other improve the forward-looking research and development capabilities of ship-type and non-ship products to lead the market, quickly respond to market hotspots, and launch superior ship-type and non-ship products to expand market share and stimulate the brand effect of solid alliances.
It is reported that the owner of the project is Guangxi Jinggong, which relying on the superior geographical environment of Guangxi Beibu Gulf, has invested in the construction of tens of thousands of square meters of land-based standard factory breeding and breeding base and 3,000 acres of a standardized breeding base in the southern pearl of the sea. A national high-tech enterprise integrating fishing reef design, construction, mariculture, research and development, processing, and sales services.
The Zhanjiang Bay Laboratory is the second batch of provincial-level laboratories to start construction in Guangdong Province. Deep-sea aquaculture equipment is one of its key research directions. The internationally advanced research base for far-reaching fishery aquaculture equipment and the offshore experiment of deep-sea aquaculture equipment are under construction. The demonstration base has the conditions to carry out the land and sea test verification and demonstration application of the deep-sea aquaculture system prototype and product prototype.
It is understood that the deep-sea aquaculture processing ship can use the cabin for marine aquaculture and ensure the quality of fish fry through long-term communication with the deep sea and following ocean currents. The annual output of an 80,000-square-meter deep-sea aquaculture ship can reach about 8,000 tons. Take Guangzhou City, which has a permanent population of 15 million, as an example. It can supply nearly one catty of high-quality deep-sea fish food per capita each year.

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