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Low-carbon production plays the key role


On March 3, the 3000-meter multi-purpose ro-ro cargo vessel built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI) for COSCO SHIPPING started the construction.
It is reported that the ro-ro cargo ship is 193 meters in length, 26.4 meters in width, and has a service speed of 17 knots. It has four floors of vehicle cabins and a lane length of about 3000 meters. It can transport cars, various trucks, containers, and dangerous packaging, and so on. It is a modern, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly multipurpose ro-ro cargo vessel.
This type of ship is equipped with bow thrust, anti-rolling device, fin stabilizer, and anti-rolling tank, which has strong wind resistance and safety. The vessel is also equipped with a straight stern springboard, a stern springboard, and a bow springboard, which effectively improves loading and unloading efficiency.
On the same day, the 49,900 DWT of methanol dual-fuel chemical/product oil tanker No. 2 built for the Swedish PromanStena Shipping Company had started construction, signed on November 19, 2019. The No. 1 ship of the series began construction on January 6 this year.
This type of vessel is the first new type of environmentally friendly ship built in China that uses methanol/fuel dual-fuel power and the second such project globally, marking the further expansion of the "GSI Type" series of tanker product pedigrees.
On March 5, two vessels constructed by GSI have started working on the same day. One is a 158,000 DWT LNG dual-fuel crude oil vessel built for Singapore Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd. (EPS). The other is a 120,000 DWT LNG dual-fuel crude/product oil ship built for the Bank of Communications Financial Leasing under the Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.
With people’s increasing emphasis on environmental protection and the gradual upgrade of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s emission requirements for new ships, a new generation of green and environmentally-friendly ship types are more favored by major shipping companies. Among the newly-built ships of GSI this year, new environmentally friendly ship types such as LNG dual-fuel ship and methanol dual-fuel ship continue to play the leading role. It is reported that GSI currently holds 14 orders for LNG dual-fuel powered ships, ranking first in the country.

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