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Guangdong GSI Elevator CO., Ltd is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co.,Ltd (GSI). In the mid-1960s, GSI Elevator started to produce ship-used elevators and crane-used elevators. GSI Elevator had mature experience in manufacture and installation of elevators. Later, after absorbing the latest international technology and making full use of the group companys advantages of machining, steel structure, metal processing, GSI Elevator began to produce civil elevators. In 1997, Guangdong Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator Co., Ltd. was officially founded. The main products contain passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, medical elevators, home elevators, freight elevators, escalators, and other series. Relying on the abundant capital and advanced technology of GSI, with the help of modern management and worldwide information network, GSI Elevator formed an independent high-quality modernization business and management system.

GSI elevators adopt advanced full computer technology, perfect automatic detection system, and have microcomputer remote monitoring system to timely and accurately detect fault and provide safe and reliable security operation. The company provides perfect after-sales service for the customers and implements the integration service of elevator production, sale, installation and maintenance, including transportation, installation, commissioning, testing and periodic maintenance, and dispatch specialists and teams to track the elevators sold, to ensure that the coherent, efficient, high-quality after-sales service can be provided to customers.

Products tightly follow the trend of todays elevator development: frequency conversion technology, full computer control, man-machine interface, computer network control, use of reliable and efficient 32-bit computer control system. In today's information age, GSI Elevator has been able to use network technology to keep abreast of the elevator operating situation, timely notify the emergency personnel to the scene by monitoring, so that clients can enjoy using the elevator more safely and comfortably. Elevators are designed and produced entirely on base of European standard- EN115 & EN81 and national standard –GB7588. GSI Elevator is paying more and more attention to meet the psychological needs of customers, providing a variety of decorative and soft lighting design for all types of building construction to create a unique atmosphere and culture.

Our philosophy is Profit derives from reduced consumption. Quality comes from technology. Market is developed from the good service. GSI Elevator will provide elevators with best quality, most professional service and most competitive price to reach a win-win situation with our customers.


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