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Corporate Culture

Core value:
Solidarity and responsibility:Solidarity: tightly work together to achieve our goal;Responsibility:courage to undertake task without selfishness
Innovation and lead:Innovation: create new invention continuously;Lead: as the leader in professional scope, leading the direction of development.

Corporate spirit:
Solidarity and striving for excellence:Cross the river on a same boat, implies peoples are solidarity and striving for excellence in difficult time.
Pursuit in Outstanding: try to explore and become the outstanding one. Outstanding is not only a standard, but also a realm. Using own advantages, abilities and resources to achieve a perfect status.

Corporate way:
Truth and Practice: seeking the truth, finding out the nature and control the rule, to practice by following with rules.
Enthusiasm and progress: enthusiasm is an emotional express; human could elicit potential under sense of enthusiasm. Progress: striving upward and achieving goal.

Business Philosophy:
Integrity:To be honesty and reputed, always keeping promise on doing things.
cooperation and win-win:During trading and coordinating with other party or parties, always find the balance way to finish the job and try to make each party’s benefits to reach an ideal condition.

Management Philosophy:
Fine Management:Refine a job or a process, in order to make it better to be known and controlling. Managers and employees could grasp every link during work, and it is better for them to make the result in the desired direction, through avoid adverse factors and play favorable factors.
Using the right person in the right way:Know people and choose the right one, then use them in the right way to reach the ideal condition.
Quality first:Quality, the measurement on judge the thing weather satisfy the requirement or not;Be the first, to make the production reach the high level requirement on the ground.
Safety and Healthy:Safety means everything is in good order, no accident, no dangerous.Healthy means human body is in good condition.

Production Concept:
To use the production way of eliminate waste and uninterrupted operation process, not batch and queue, for producing things according to the required quantity and quantity without using excess production factors.
Green Manufactory:It means on the base of promising the function, the quality and the cost of the products, considering environmental impact and resource efficiency factors, to make the whole process of production become more and more better on energy saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. Through all these to make the company to better fulfill the social responsibility.

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